Kundalini Activation

Individual consciousness awakening sessions. chevron30 Activation of life-generating energies: kundalini Our body has the natural and innate capacity to balance and self-regulate the nervous system, as we grow older we become so disassociated from our body, living only in repetitive mental patterns, that we lose the ability to free ourselves from our body, thus, we […]

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Therapy Session

Individual consciousness awakening sessions. chevron30 Do you need a therapy session, or someone to talk to? Do you feel stress, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, imbalance? You may have low self-esteem, demand too much of yourself, and have a relationship or work problems. Therapy sessions can help you move forward. Having external spiritual help to talk, gives

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The Connection

The Connection Quantum healing journey “The Connection” chevron30 The Connection is just coming out to the world channeled by Ayala. The Connection is a unique experience. Some who have experienced it call it a journey of ancestral medicine but without the help from external medicine. Ayala gradually expands this experience. This connection with the so-called

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LNT Healing Therapy

Individual consciousness awakening sessions. chevron30 LNT® (La Nueva Terapia) is a powerful non-invasive therapy channeled by Phillipe Schwidersky (a prestigious french Craneal – Sacral therapist, nurse and Chinese medicine practitioner). LNT® helps us heal many different issues while at the same raising our awareness and connecting usto our essence. It allows us to work on

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Tarot Reading

chevron30 Tarot and Oracles Working with the tarot and oracles is for me a very effective guidance tool when we face a conflict or a doubt before making a decision. Here I also use my intuition with the help of my guides and yours. We will also look at the energies of the present and

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House Cleansing

chevron30 Your business is not going well? Are you in a place where no project ever prospers? You don’t feel comfortable in your home, you don’t rest well, everything is broken and spoiled, there are always fights? The economy does not advance and does not flow? All these are symptoms that you may be living

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Radiestesia & Therapeutic Dowsing

Individual consciousness awakening sessions. chevron30 What is therapeutic dowsing? Dowsing is an ancestral technique used with the main objective of finding water currents, underground lakes, etc. water currents, subterranean lakes, etc. But therapeutic dowsing is something else. History of dowsing Dowsing is an activity consisting in the detection of electromagnetic fields. practiced since Egypt, where

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