House Cleansing

Your business is not going well? Are you in a place where no project ever prospers? You don’t feel comfortable in your home, you don’t rest well, everything is broken and spoiled, there are always fights?

The economy does not advance and does not flow?

All these are symptoms that you may be living in a toxic place with bad energy, with low vibration where nothing flows and even the plants do not grow and die?

Stagnant energy must be cleaned and purified, just as physical cleanliness and hygiene is necessary to live comfortably. Physical hygiene is necessary to dwell comfortably in a home or business and live in a climate of well-being. Equally important and necessary is the energetic cleanliness to find balance, abundance, and prosperity can enter fully into our lives and businesses.

The energy released in these cleanings, makes very important, beneficial, and significant changes.

I work with different techniques to cleanse, transform and harmonize all these spaces. Radiesthesia, energetic pyramids that we place them in different parts of the home so that the energy is always renewing and cleaning.


60-90 min.



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House Cleansing

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