Kundalini Activation

Individual consciousness awakening sessions.

Activation of life-generating energies: kundalini

Our body has the natural and innate capacity to balance and self-regulate the nervous system, as we grow older we become so disassociated from our body, living only in repetitive mental patterns, that we lose the ability to free ourselves from our body, thus, we lose the capacity to free ourselves from the traumatic energy that is congesting our energetic, emotional and physical body, preventing our our vital energy (Kundalini) to flow freely connecting us with our essence and our authenticity, reminding us of the divine that beats within us.

The masculine and feminine energy, the Yin and Yang, shiva and shakti.

The kundalini energy is the dance of these two polarized and complementary energies that inhabit our being, we must first find and recognize these two energies and when we achieve the union in absolute fusion we reach a state of expanded consciousness and liberation.

In this session we will activate the fire energetically so that our kundalini energy begins to rise slowly through our body, this fire will gently dissolve the blockages in our chakras one by one.

It will be an inner dance of love and liberation.

The kundalini activation sessions are usually face-to-face or online group sessions.

Next dates coming soon

For private online sessions or presecials




60 € / 600 kr.

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Kundalini Activation

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