Rapé Ceremony

Sacred Rapé Ceremony

Rapé is a sacred shamanic medicine used by tribes of the Amazon as well as other South American indigenous cultures for thousands of years. It is a snuff made of various tree ashes, combined with fine tobacco.

The latter is not the common type used in cigarettes, but rather Nicotina Rustica which is highly potent. The resulting powder is highly refined.

Rapé is a powerful medicine. It can provide insight, guidance, protection, cleansing and healing. In a Rapé ceremony, we first honor the spirit of smoke (Defuma,) and then conduct an opening prayer handled by the facilitator. The participants are asked to have an intention in mind before receiving the Rapé which is served individually. The snuff is then administered by a special blow pipe called Tepi, one nostril at a time. Instructions as to the process are provided during the ceremony.

Over the past few years Ayala had been working with several Rapé Spirits. She is familiar with Plant Medicine and is a seasoned facilitator.

Private ceremonies with a minimum of 3 people. Contact me for more information.

Next ceremonies are coming soon


2 hrs. aprox.


60 € / 600 kr.

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Rapé Ceremony

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