The Connection

Quantum healing journey “The Connection”

The Connection is just coming out to the world channeled by Ayala. The Connection is a unique experience. Some who have experienced it call it a journey of ancestral medicine but without the help from external medicine. Ayala gradually expands this experience.

This connection with the so-called source of consciousness, the divinity within us to heal or receive answers to situations in our lives that we have not been able to resolve.

This quantum healing journey is capable of not only healing our physical body, but also our emotional and spiritual body.

In this Workshop, Ayala will show us how what we call “the Source” works in our energetic bodies and then instruct us on a journey to connect individually with the Source (unconditional love, God).

Then it is only to enjoy the experience where the awakening of this energy will allow us to experience in first person the connection with the Source in a practical way also accompanied by the shamanic drum.

The connection sessions are usually face-to-face or online group sessions.


Contact us for private or group sessions online or in person.

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The Connection


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The Connection

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