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I am Ayala (Josselynes) from Chile. In 2003, I arrived in Sweden. My roots trace back to the Mapuche indigenous people of Chile.

I was initiated into one of the Piaroa tribes in the Amazon of Venezuela as a Medicine Woman, known as a machi. I also work on projects with the Aruhuacos in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, and the Shipibo people in Peru. I find great joy in serving and acting as a bridge between ancestral medicin, consciousness, and the modern world.

My path began in 2012 when I was diagnosed with cellular changes that required surgery to remove part of the malignant tissues. Prior to being admitted to the hospital, I sought help from my native peoples. Having grown up with a mother who strongly believed in divine forces and a grandmother with a profound connection to medicinal plants, I found their assistance not only in healing, but also in reconnecting with the spirit of divinity and the nurturing power of Mother Earth and the cosmos.

Without undergoing surgery, I have now been healed. I dedicated years to my personal growth, an ongoing journey, working on my own and assisting others by sharing the tools that have greatly impacted my own path and inner being.

Recently, I have felt a strong calling to expand the wisdom of our ancestral peoples and be fully devoted to Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the divine source. This path of wisdom has led me to train as an LNT (Life Nutrition Therapy) and The Work therapist. I offer individual classes and participate in shamanic circles both in Sweden and internationally. Moreover, I have specialized in therapies focused on consciousness expansion and the art of meditation.

Lastly, I am the channeler of a new therapy called “The Connection,” which is an energetic journey that connects individuals with the divine source within themselves.

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