Radiestesia & Therapeutic Dowsing

Individual consciousness awakening sessions.

What is therapeutic dowsing?

Dowsing is an ancestral technique used with the main objective of finding water currents, underground lakes, etc. water currents, subterranean lakes, etc. But therapeutic dowsing is something else.

History of dowsing

Dowsing is an activity consisting in the detection of electromagnetic fields. practiced since Egypt, where pendulums of different sizes and materials have been found, nowadays materials, currently exhibited in the Kairo Museum and in the Istanbul Museum.

But it was in 1890 that the University of Salzburg accepted dowsing as a medical diagnostic tool.as a medical diagnostic tool.

Therapeutic dowsing attempts to prevent the physical body from becoming ill due to traumas that have been engraved in the energetic and spiritual bodies and for this, one of the tools I use is dowsing. One of the tools I use is dowsing or wooden pendulum work.

It differs from classical dowsing in its therapeutic approach, with which not only can we diagnose the energetic not only can diagnose the energetic levels of the person but also increase his or her vital force (physical and mental strength) in order to (physical strength and mental strength) so that the person has an optimal state of health.

Precisely because there is no space and time in the quantum world, therapeutic dowsing can be used both in person and at a distance.

Suppose it is not possible to be in person. In that case, an energetic imprint of the person or animal is sufficient, such as a recent photograph, their name and surname, or a garment, preferably made of cotton, silk or gold jewelry, one of which can be used in person, one of these elements will be enough to create a quantum bridge between the therapist and the patient and begin to check the physical and psychic strength of the person, animal, or measure the energy levels of a place or object.





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Radiestesia & Therapeutic Dowsing

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