Funeral Ceremony

chevron30 A ceremony to accompany both the soul that has left its physical body to its new etheric state and to its family and friends. Here we accompany the soul to its new state in order to open the paths with love, light and consciousness so that the transition will be beautiful and fluid. The […]

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Wedding Ceremony

Experience the magic of our Wedding Ceremony. chevron30 Before celebrating a spiritual wedding… To start the marriage off on the right foot, it is customary for the couple to take a purifying bath a purifying bath (steam bath with medicinal plants) one day before the beginning of the spiritual marriage ceremony. Once this is done,

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Name Giving Ceremony

A sacred ritual that bestows a meaningful name upon you chevron30 In this ceremony we reconnect and enshrine the name, either given by the parents, or we can ask the Soul and the spirit of the person the name that most potentiates their strength and connection with their divine being so that they can go

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Rapé Ceremony

Sacred Rapé Ceremony chevron30 Rapé is a sacred shamanic medicine used by tribes of the Amazon as well as other South American indigenous cultures for thousands of years. It is a snuff made of various tree ashes, combined with fine tobacco. The latter is not the common type used in cigarettes, but rather Nicotina Rustica

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Cacao Ceremony

Heart-Opening Cacao Ceremony chevron30 The Cacao ceremony allows us to share a beautiful moment together with music and songs. This sacred medicine that comes from a small tribe of Mayan descent in Guatemala, helps us experience our heart chakra and fill it with Light. In this ceremony with Ayala, we will undergo a deep energetic

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